4 L Carbon Electrical Multi-Flo AFFF Fire System

SPA Electrical 4 Liter Multi-Flo AFFF System The SPA Design "Firefighter" Extinguisher Systems are specifically designed for use in competition vehicles and offer the latest in on board fire suppression technology.

Utilizing SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) these non-toxic ozone friendly systems give the competitor the same level of protection whether driving Formula 1 or Club Racing.

Electrical 4 Liter Multi-Flo Systems where designed specifically for use in closed cockpit cars i.e. Saloon, Rally and Sports cars. They give an even two-liter split between engine and cockpit compartments from a single chamber bottle.

MFE 400 Electrical System Includes:

* 6 Nozzles

* 5 Tee's

* 15 ft. Decabon Tubing

* Electrical Components

* Charged to 8 Bar

All the great features of the standard 4 L electrical system with a Carbon Fiber bottle instead of alloy.

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