New BILSTEIN Universal 46mm Struts Now Available

Universal Motorsports 46mm struts now available for car builders & fabricators New BILSTEIN Universal 46mm Struts Now Available Our all new information page with detailed dimensions and valving can be found here.

November, 2012 - Poway, CA - Car builders and fabricators in a variety of motorsports including rally, sports car, and SCCA now have a unique shock option available to them, thanks to a new design from BILSTEIN motorsports engineers.

The engineers developed a new universal 46mm motorsports strut line featuring BILSTEIN’s inverted tube technology to provide race car builders a wide selection of travel lengths and valving options, for building custom chassis where a bolt-on application would not work.

This semi-complete package can be adapted to most MacPherson strut suspension systems. Each strut is supplied with a matched external housing that permits the builder to fabricate weld tabs for mounting the unit to a vehicle’s lower steering knuckle. The strut insert is provided with a blank upper-stem that can be machined down to fit a specific top mount or camber/caster plate variation. Utilizing the same technological design advantages as their gas pressure shock absorbers, the BILSTEIN monotube strut insert is installed with the piston rod at the base of the strut tube. Here the rod is completely protected from road contamination of any kind. Plus, the hard-chromed steel body of the damper provides superior strength to withstand the extreme side loads encountered in competition, delivering exceptional stability and greater performance.

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