Shock Service, Tuning, and Dyno

The interaction between the road and the vehicle is more important than most people think. What good is all that power under the hood if you can’t get it to the ground or you are waiting on the chassis to put your foot down? You check all the other parts of your racecar on a regular basis, why wouldn’t you check the dampers as well? Or your hot rod rides like an old buck-board wagon. We can help! Using our years of experience and knowledge we can help you select a proper damping package to make your street cruiser ride like a dream as well as handle better than you’ve ever felt before. Our SPA Design BT2000 shock dyno is a true workhorse for us here at Streetwise. We can run your dampers through their settings and give you a print out of just what they are doing for as little as $25 per corner. Give us a call 949.459.0744 and let us see how we can make you faster or give you a better ride.