JT Taylor Recognized as Only Racer to Take All 8 Green Flags for King of the Hammers

[JT Taylor Doug Nagy posing with Rock Racer JT Taylor Doug Nagy with the Azunia Tequilia rock racer before the 2014 King of the Hammers race.

Friday February 7th marked the 8th green flag of the now Internationally known Griffin King of the Hammers. JT Taylor is the only racer on the lakebed that can boast seeing all 8 green flags, and has driven the same car at 7 of the 8 events, with a 12th place finish in 2013. “I am really surprised how time flies, to say that the first race we did was 8 years ago is crazy,” JT said in astonishment. “We just went out and had fun the first time, and I am still doing the same. My car is the original ‘Ol Blue with some modifications changing to King Shocks and BFGoodrich Tires along the way. We recently added Azunia Tequila, but all my other sponsors have been with me since the beginning and for that I am humbly thankful.”


“It is the camaraderie that keeps me coming back. I look forward to hanging out in this dusty, dirty lakebed every year to see my friends that I only get to see once a year. We cheer each other on, we give each other parts, and we turn each other back over when we roll in the rocks!” said JT Taylor. “I would really like to thank Brad and Roger Lovell for their hospitality this week in the pits. I crewed for them on Thursday’s Legends Class win and then we all got the car ready for the race on Friday. A great, great family to be part of.”


Doug Nagy was in the co-driver seat for the third year, a perfect team. This years race ended earlier than wanted at Pit 2A near RM91. The transmission cooler was dying and when inspecting it for a potential fix or replacement it was noticed that the left motor mount had sheered completely off and the right motor mount had broken. This was after an incredible day in the desert and on the rocks. The 39” KRT-B BFGoodrich Tires mounted on Raceline Wheels held up strong.


JT Taylor’s next race will be as a Crew Chief for Pat Simms Class 7 #717 at the SCORE San Felipe 250. JT’s next driving event will the NORRA Mexican 1000 in May where he will pilot his new to him Class 11 car bought from Dirt Sports.

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