2019 Mint 400 Pedal Commander Powersports

2019 Mint 400 Pedal Commander Powersports


Pedal Commander takes to the track with the launch of their Powersports division.
PC Teamed up with Streetwise to build this amazing Can-Am for desert racing and Rally this season.  The car debuted last weekend at the BITD Mint 400 - the Great American Offroad Race, competing in the UTV Turbo division and finishing a respective 91 out of 141 with the brand new effort.
The main driver, Joe Durso of Pedal Commander, said the car handled great - took all the bumps with ease and was extremely happy about the debut and looking forward to pushing it at the next event.
Ready To Take It To The Next Level?
Pedal Commander makes Throttle Response units for Can-Am and RZR.
- Removes Throttle Lag -

Pedal Commander eliminates the delays caused by electronic gas pedals. This allows your throttle to respond faster or slower depending on your selected mode.

- Top Quality -

All Pedal Commander components are high-grade, such as 3M keypad, high performance CPUs for real-time calculations, and original connectors in OEM quality.

- Easy Plug-and-Play Installation- 

OEM Factory Harness & Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation within 10 Minutes.

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