PikaSports Driver Pihakari Awarded a Coveted Galal Souki Memorial Award

Anaheim Hills, CA (January 29, 2010) - Katianna Pihakari received the Galal Souki Memorial Award for 2010. Awarded annually by the California Rally Series (CRS), the Galal Souki award recognizes competitors of the CRS GT and Performance Stock Class who typify the spirit of helpfulness among the competitors in his/her class. The first recipients of this award were Bruce Davis and Mike Neff in 1980. “It is a great honor to receive the Galal Souki Memorial Award,” commented Pihakari at the CRS awards banquet on January 22, 2010. “This award is given for our helpfulness and enthusiasm. Although I am the recipient of the award, I believe it is the attitude of our whole PikaSports team that has been noticed. Every member of our team wants everyone in the race to do well. It might sound contradictory to wish that your competitors do well, but for the PikaSports team members it is more important to have a great time with the sport and provide everyone with the best chance they can have in the race. In the end, this is our hobby and we do it for the fun of it.” PikaSports’ vehicle of choice is a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX built and prepared by Streetwise Motorsports (www.streetwiseparts.com). Lights are provided by AnzoUSA (www.anzousa.com). Photos by Bill Rogers, Motorsports Memories and CastleIsland Photography.

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