Race-Keeper Releases new 10 Hz systems now available from Streetwise

by 1 March 28, 2012

New Product, Same Price: Race-Keeper Releases 10Hz GPS Systems Race-Keeper announced today the immediate availability of its new Race-Keeper SE-10 and Race-Keeper HE-10 systems. The two new systems feature upgraded electronics, including an all new 10 Hz GPS engine. Race-Keeper's new, robust GPS engine delivers 2.5x the number of data points of the previous Race-Keeper 4Hz systems. The additional data points per second will deliver more accurate data for speed, lap and split times and driver line analysis. As with previous Race-Keeper systems, all GPS data is interpolated to 30Hz to match the video frame rate. Pricing for the new Race-Keeper SE-10 and Race-Keeper HE-10 systems are unchanged over the previous systems and will begin shipping immediately. Call us here at Streetwise and we can help you get your system designed and ordered today! * * * * * Race-Keeper Race-Keeper is a video data system which combines the power of stunning video with automatically synced data in one easy-to-use video data system. Coupled with Race-Keeper Comparo side-by-side analysis software, Race-Keeper is the most powerful, competitively priced driver development tool available to help racers analyze and improve their driving.



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