Performance Engine Tuning For Your Subaru.

It may come as a surprise to many, but the theory behind Subaru performance engine tuning is not nearly as complicated as it is made out to be, especially when dealing with production based equipment. Engine tuning is neither a black art, nor is it a form of magic. Extracting power from a Subaru WRX engine is not difficult. It only requires roughly the correct ratio between fuel delivery, boost pressure and ignition advance to suit existing mechanical specifications and fuel quality. Where real genius comes into the picture, separating the men from the boys, is the speed at which a good tuner can instinctively arrive at the best possible reliable tune to suit a particular combination of parts. Another defining trait of the really talented includes an ability to quickly and efficiently diagnose problems with setup, communicating clearly and accurately what can done to improve engine operation. Does this sound like your engine tuner? All things being equal, regardless of the type of engine management system used, professional engine tuners will always pay a great deal of respect to certain key areas of importance when tuning a turbocharged engine. In this section we will take a bit of a look at some of the considerations made when tuning for maximum power.Every industry has its own catch phrases and descriptions to sum up in a few words, rather than a whole paragraph, a statement of fact. Some of my favorite terms describing engine tuners and builders include:"Jerry Rigging" the slash and burn perpetrated by some individuals on a vehicles electrical system when installing an aftermarket ECU."Smoke and Mirrors" indicating that a rather large pinch of salt should be taken when describing some performance claims."Twigs and Tape" describes the act of fitting a new part to an engine in a less than durable manner."Playing up above their level" over-exaggerating a tuners ability. Commonly used to cast a competitor in a negative light, while singing their own praises.Keep this in mind next time you are taking your Subaru in for a service.Click here for even more information.

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